Let Supersource Help.

Navigating an endless maze of complex technology choices can be daunting to the average business owner. Supersource can supply you with answers to guide you to the right solution quickly and cost effectively. Affiliated with several vendors, both commercial and non-commercial, Supersource is able to offer a greater array of solutions customized specifically for your business. Our newer subscription products compliment these solutions, providing buy-as-you-need coverage for growing small businesses without in-house IT staff. Let Supersource manage your information technology needs so you can focus on what you do best--running your business.

Product and Service Updates

Communication Archival Services

In addition to its existing email archival services, Supersource Consulting now offers archival services for IM and social media services. If your company has been hessitant to participate in the social media revolution because of compliance archival requirements, you need worry no longer. We now offer archival for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Communications on these services is captured and archived with the ability to search any message for compliance review.

Hybrid Hosted VoIP

Do you have remote workers that need to be connected to the central office, but don't want to open up your coprorate firewall to just anyone? Our new hybrid hosted VoIP systems could be solution you are looking for. The hosted nature allows connections from anywhere whether it be an employee working from home or a traveling salesperson who needs connectivity in the field. Maintain your professional image to customers by using one outgoing phone number for all communications regardless of where you are and take advantage of the low rates offerred by VoIP at the same time!